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We see people at the peak of their careers approaching retirement but with little time to focus on their own finances. They come to us loaded with questions: “How soon can I retire? Will I have enough to live on without regular income? How does it all work?”

When you haven’t faced retirement before, it’s understandable that you might feel confused or even anxious.

You gain the benefit of our experience, plotting a path to retiring in your time, on your terms. You can look towards a financially independent life beyond the workforce.

Assure Financial Services will work with you to determine how much super you’ll need to enjoy a comfortable retirement. Considerations we look at together will be:

  • What you want from your retirement lifestyle;
  • Your current and retirement budget;
  • Your retirement income;
  • Superannuation saved;
  • How much is needed to ‘top up’ your super;
  • Your desired retirement age; and
  • Your life expectancy.