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Personal Insurance

No one likes to think about it, but have you considered whether your family would be protected in the event of your death, disability or injury?

Wealth protection is an essential part of every financial plan. Without income, trauma, life and total and permanent disability insurance, the wealth you’ve built up can rapidly erode as a result of an accident or illness.

Assure Financial Services will assess your personal situation and recommend policies appropriate to your needs your needs. We can also review your current policies to ensure they continue to provide an adequate level of cover. This is particularly important if your financial situation changes and extended coverage is needed for additional family members.

  • We identify and prioritise the types of cover you need.
  • We calculate the level of cover required and source quotes.
  • We assess multiple providers to find an appropriate level of cover suitable to your needs and circumstances. Premium costs are definitely one factor but we’re also very interested in likely capacity to pay claims and the fine print of their terms.
  • We come back to you with our recommendations.

Business insurance

To make sure your business is protected, we also advise on:

  • Key person insurance
  • Buy/Sell insurance
  • Business expenses insurance