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Assure Financial Services was established in 2006 by financial planner Michael Radnedge and accountants Marcus Cosgrave & Chris Soutter of Cosgrave Soutter Chartered Accountants. It is a Canberra city based business with a diverse client base. Assure Financial Services has grown substantially since it commenced which is a testament to the quality and delivery of its services.

Assure Financial Services (AFS) is differentiated from our competitors in that we are licenced through Sentry Group, one of Australia’s leading financial services companies.

Assure Financial Services believe we add the most value through our strategic advice focus. We only provide clients with a service or product appropriate to their individual requirements after we have thoroughly considered their strategic advice needs.

We firmly believe that strategy is critical when formulating a financial plan, not necessarily the actual placement of investments for clients. Investments can only be implemented once the strategy is determined.

By gaining a thorough understanding of our client needs, their aspirations and goals we develop a strategy to help them achieve these outcomes.

Via its affiliation with Chartered Accountants, Cosgrave Soutter, AFS facilitates access to an integrated suite of financial services. Taxation and business structuring are integral to the financial planning process and the strategy development set to achieve client’s goals.

So whether you need a comprehensive wealth management plan, or just some one-off advice, Assure Financial Services can help.